Tuff Girl Fitness

Tuff Girl is a come-as-you-are kind of gym. Roll out of bed, grab your sneakers, and instead of measuring 
what you want to lose — see what you have to gain. Strength, power, and confidence … in spades.


We’re about making women and girls realize just how strong and incredible they already are, not about fad diets or wraps or losing ten pounds in ten days. You’ll never hear us use the words “diet,” or “juice cleanse,” or “skinny tea.” But you will absolutely hear us shout “get after it,” and “you’ve got this,” and “you’re strong as hell.” We believe a bikini body is simply a body in a bikini. We believe doing things like a girl is a compliment. We’re raising girls to believe good things about their bodies, to treat themselves kindly, to chase after that pull-up or that goal or that scholarship. We believe women are amazing, and we want to help them see that for themselves.


First class is on us! Limit one per athlete. New athletes only. Expires 30 days from date of "purchase". 

Check out our New Athlete Promotion! All new clients get two weeks (14 consecutive days) of unlimited training for only $49! No refunds or extensions. New clients only.

TUFF 101 Intro Class
An introduction to Tuff Girl for potential new clients where you learn our basics in a group of other new Tuff Girls. Interested in Tuff Girl? This is for you!
Intro classes are offered Monday at 5pm and Wednesday at 6pm. Please pre-register for this class.

Questions? Concerns? Feedback? Email our incredible support team at support@tuffgirlfitnessct.com.

This Week's Classes

Sunday: mayhem

Teams of 4-5 will work through 7 awesome stations! Athletes will be at each station for 4 minutes and can work and rest at their own pace. *Great for those new to us!

Monday: heat

This training is made up of 4 rounds starting off with 45s intervals, then dropping to 35s, and finally 25s. Athletes will then come together as a group to complete an upper body finisher!

Tuesday: warrior  

You will be feeling like a Warrior after completing this training! This 40 minute AMRAP allows athletes to work through a variety of metabolic, strength, and core exercises at their own pace.  *Great for those new to us!

Wednesday: the grind 

Teams of six will take on six different rounds. Each round has two movements that you will go back and forth between working through a fast and furious 25 second interval.

Thursday: tenacity

This training will give you a good mix of everything! The workout alternates between 3 strength and 3 metabolic rounds. The strength portion is made up of 1 minute intervals and the metabolic rounds are broken into 4 minute AMRAP rounds. *Great for those new to us!*


This training is filled with an awesome variety of exercises, including tire flips, ball slams, and squats! Teams of 3 will complete each station 2 times in a 35 second interval. *Great for those new to us!*

Saturday: supernova

This hub and spoke training will have you working in 1 minute work & rest intervals. You will complete 3 strength rounds with your team of 10 before coming together for a fourth group metabolic round.
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